A whole new world of opportunities for FnV Sellers!

Access buyers across multiple markets. Sell your items at your price!

How to sell on farmersMandi?

1) List

List the items that you want to sell. Set the price, quantity and other major attributes as per your choice.

2) Receive Orders

Buyers get to see your listings and place orders as per their needs

3) Deliver

Deliver the items as per orders at the doorstep of the Buyers

4) Get Paid

Receive the payments based on the items delivered. That completes one cycle of selling with farmersMandi.

Frequently Asked Questions

FarmersMandi is run by passionate people with a mission to solve the farmer’s problem of selling vegetables to a wide variety of buyers. We are a set of qualified, professional and experienced people.

No, there are no hidden costs, whatever you see is what you get paid. You can download our app absolutely free.

Yes, the buyer will know your name and some info like your rating, previous sales, etc.. This helps build trust with the buyer before he goes ahead and places order.

Simple, contact us at contact@fmandi.in, we will right away start with it

Yes, please forward the seller details to us at contact@fmandi.in. We will help the referral to get started.