farmersMandi Anecdotes

Collection of short stories and memories from our startup journey. For some of us, life at fM is all about the early morning deliveries and for others it is the late night code releases.


Bangalore Brinjal

also known as chow chow locally is a delicious but not-so-common vegetable from the gourd family. Bangalore has this peculiar habit of attaching its name to vegetables.

Kumar Hotel

The cute little tea shop near our logistics hub where the team goes for a quick sutta-tea break after the morning hustle
farmersMandi terrace

Balconic View

When exhausted with work, you can go to the balcony, have a tea, enjoy the rain and discuss work again 🙂

Boxes and Truck

The neatly arranged boxes in the truck make it one of the most efficient means for fresh produce transportation

To New Beginnings

Office inauguration day. Do your best and let God do the rest.
farmers Mandi terrace

Agri Tech

Laptop, this is tomato. Tomato, this is laptop.

Collection Center

Our first collection center at Malur. Miles to go.
farmers Mandi warehouse

Logistics Hub

All trips lead to the logistics hub.

It’s the time to disco

The smaller variety of pumpkin is called ‘disco pumpkin’ due its disc shape (not the for the partying nature)