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We talk about how tech and reforms influence agricultural supply chain and how we can improve it

Selling Onions In Bangalore

Onion is one of the most sought after vegetable all over the world. Bangalore is no different. From sowing to marketing so many processes take place involving so many stake holders. Read more to know in detail.

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Story of Supply Chains

Supply Chains have existed since time immemorial. Technological advance of recent years applied to such an old idea brings about humungous changes. What are those changes? How is an Agricultural Supply Chain different from Supply Chains of other products?

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Farm Bills, 2020

Which are the 3 infamous Farm Bills of 2020? Which have been passed as a bill and which haven’t? How will they affect the working of agricultural marketing starting from the farmers till the consumers? Let’s Find Out!

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All About APMCs

Why and how the APMCs were started to manage the distribution of agricultural produce in India? What led to its downfall and what does Farm Bill Act (2020) hold for them?

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