Buy graded vegetables directly from the sellers

Get graded vegetables at your doorstep. Buy vegetables directly from 100s of sellers. No more middlemen !! 

Why buy with farmersMandi?

On-Time Delivery

Select your preferred delivery window. Our logistics algorithms, delivery partners and the operations team will ensure that you get the delivery on time.

Wide Selection

60+ SKUs available on the platform. Our 100+ active sellers ensure that you get all your required vegetables at the right price.

Right Price

Our prices are set by the sellers themselves. With no middlemen adding massive margins in between, rest assured, you are getting the best price.

Graded Vegetables

The vegetables are graded by the seller according to the elaborate grading specs created by our grading team. No other platform offers graded vegetables.

Know your Seller

Platform enables you to pick the right seller for your needs. You can evaluate the seller using his rating, acceptance scores, profile history etc.

Freshness Index

You get what you see. The sellers list one day old vegetables as one day old vegetables. We don’t allow mixing of old and new vegetables in the platform. 

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How to buy on farmersMandi?

Register on our app

Download our app and get in touch with our support team. They will enroll you to our app. This will be a 2 minutes process.

Start Ordering

That’s all. Start Ordering from the sellers active on the farmersMandi platform. Select your preferred delivery slot and make the payment

farmersMandi truck

We take care of the Rest

Our delivery partner will deliver the vegetables to your shop early in the morning. 

Your Mandi on Mobile

A full scale mandi operation on mobile. Via farmersMandi mobile apps, you can upload and sell your produce, the retailer can choose between different grade of vegetables and order desired quantity and the delivery agent delivers the items to the retailer’s doorsteps.


Activated Farmers


Retailers Served 

5 lakh+

Boxes Delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

FarmersMandi is run by passionate people with a mission to solve the farmer’s problem of selling vegetables to a wide variety of buyers. We are a set of qualified, professional and experienced people.

Acceptance Score is one of the core metrics for a retailer on the farmersMandi platform. This is the percentage of items which the retailer has accepted (not returned or cancelled) in the last 7 orders. Retailers with 95+ acceptance score get access to premium sellers and offers on the platform.  

We take pride in grading, we encourage our sellers to do self-grading and give it to us. We empower our sellers with all support, techniques and help in doing so. If our sellers are unable to grade their produce by themselves, we can do it for them at our grading centers.

farmersMandi takes care of the delivery. We have 100s of delivery partners who closely work with us to assure timely deliveries to our customers. You can select your preferred time for delivery, and our logistics algorithms and massive fleets will ensure that you get your deliveries on time. We have 92% on time delivery score with our operations, which is best in the market.

You can buy the vegetables at the listed price. In addition, there is a standard delivery charge that you will have to pay. And that is all. There are no other charges. 

We have made the seller information as transparent as possible to create the best buying experience. We have enabled seller profile, seller rating and seller acceptance score on the platform for you to know your sellers. You can select the seller based on these scores, your past experience and the price of the vegetable listed.

We have a no questions asked return policy. We accept the return whenever it is a quality issue or a late delivery issue. And the retailer is not charged for the item. But we also have a strict stand against the retailers who cancel beyond acceptable limits. This is important for the sellers in the platform to keep selling. We allow sellers to block retailers with unacceptable levels of cancellations. 

We allow multiple payment modes. A customer can prepay via upi, or pay via cash at the time of delivery. We also support scan and pay during the time of delivery.  

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