Most frequent questions and answers

Is​ there any minimum order quantity or minimum order value to be booked per order?

Minimum quantity to be ordered is 1 Box of the item.

Is credit available from Farmers Mandi?

No, orders cannot be placed on credit as all the produce involved are perishable in nature. Prepaid or Cash and Carry are the only two options available.

Can multiple orders be placed on the same day?

Yes within the ordering window how many ever orders can be placed. After an order is placed, the successive orders will be merged with the previous order only.

Can I Delete/Edit my order once placed?

To edit or delete an order the customer needs to contact our customer support or their MRO.

High freshness

How do I check the freshness index or the product?​

Freshness index is depicted by leaf images on the Farmers Mandi App. A Freshness index with 3 coloured leaves means it is Day 1 of the product. If 2 leaves are coloured it means it is Day 2 of the product. If 3 leaves are coloured it means it is Day 3 of the product.


Is door to door delivery available? What is the protocol followed during delivery?​

Yes, door to door delivery is available. The order will be delivered the next morning after the verification code is given by the customer to the driver.

What is the estimated delivery time if I place an order today?

Between 6:00 – 9:00 AM the next day. Based on customer’s preference, delivery time can be extended till 10:00 AM.

Verification Code Is Given In The Top Right Corner Of The Order Box.

What is the Verification Code? Where can I find it?​

The Verification Code is a 4 digit number given for every order placed to reduce confusions and mismatches during delivery. The code can be found in the right top corner of the order box in your Farmers Mandi App.

Are there any chances of late deliveries?

In case your order delivery is running late please contact customer support for more information.

What should I do if I will not be present in the store during delivery?

Provide the alternate phone number of the person staying in the store to collect the order in the Farmers Mandi App so that during delivery of your order the Verification Code can be shared with the driver.

How are delivery charges added to my order?

A minimum delivery charge of 40 Rs is added to every order. The delivery charge per Kg of an item/SKU is 1 Re.


What are the different payment methods through which I can pay for my order?

Payment can be made through Bhim UPI(Google Pay, Phone Pe etc.) or Cash.

Click On Wallet In Home Page Account Balance Is displayed In The Top (5)

How to check my wallet balance?

Open your Farmers Mandi App. Click on the Wallet section at the bottom. Your Account Balance will be displayed at the top.

1. Click On Wallet Section In Home Page. 2. Click On Add Money. 3. Enter Required Amount And Pay.

How do I add money to my wallet?​

Open Farmers Mandi App, Click on Wallet section at the bottom. A page with the Add Money option will be displayed. Click on Add Money. Enter the amount you want to add. Pay through Bhim UPI (Google Pay, Phone Pe etc.)

1. Click On Wallet Section In Home Page. 2. Your transaction History Will Be Under _All Transactions_

How can I check my transaction history?

Open Farmers Mandi App, Click on Wallet section at the bottom. All your transactions will be displayed on the page that opens.


What is the cancellation policy?

A 20% share of the order value will be collected as a fine if the customer cancelled in any time other than the ordering window.

What is the return policy if the product doesn’t match its description?

Inform the driver during delivery itself. The claim will be validated by the customer support team through a photo sent by the driver. If confirmed, a refund will be initiated.

Under what circumstances am I eligible for a refund?

Only when there is genuine quality issue, weight mismatch issue or when product mismatch occurs refund is initiated after validation of the issue by customer support team.