Digitising Indian Agriculture Supply Chain

Developing tech enabled products and solutions for the Indian agriculture supply chain ecosystem.

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Our Story

farmersMandi started off with an idea to build world-class quality tech products to enable everyone in the agriculture supply chain ecosystem. Bettering their scale, efficiency and ease of operations is at the heart of our day to day activities. With this vision and tech at our core, we started building products to improve the life of farmers, retailers, collection agents, market managers and delivery agents. During the process we have introduced tech-enabled innovations to the ecosystem such as standardized packing, traceable inventory, grading, freshness index, scan and check in, slotted transportation, connected trips, and guided navigation.

Benefits for Everyone

farmers in field


Collection Agents

Market Managers

farmersMandi truck

Delivery Agents


Mandi on Mobile

A full scale mandi operation on mobile. Via farmersMandi mobile apps, a farmer can upload and sell his produce, the retailer can choose between different grade of vegetables and order desired quantity and the delivery agent delivers the items to the retailer’s doorsteps.


Retailers Served 

1 lakh+

Boxes Delivered


Farmers Impacted

Why are we unique?

Empower Everyone

Dedicated apps and tech solutions for every stakeholder in the agriculture supply chain

Graded vegetables

Different retailers prefer different grades of vegetables based on their customers and shop area and farmersMandi enables this

Freshness Index

One day old tomato and two day old tomato are not same for the end customer. And they are also not same in the platform


End to end tracking of the ‘vegetable box’. Each and every box carries the information of the lot, seller, transporter, grade and freshness



Delivery Partner Trucks

Bangalore morning streets are filled with our branded delivery partner trucks.

Collection Center

Our first collection center at Malur. Miles to go.