The wave of mandis in India going online!

Technology that simplifies the fruits & vegetables supply-chain, spanning from the Seller to the Buyer.

Empowering the Indian mandi system, making it perform even better.

Why farmersMandi?

For Sellers

Discover buyers, with control: Onboard buyers. Sell what you want, at the price of your choice. All online.

Standardised operations: Defined processes, that are better efficient.

Trust: A pool of Suppliers calls for a responsible platform that can be completely trusted on.

For Buyers

Order online: Access multiple Sellers in the area, place orders at your convenience.

Choose where to buy from: Pick sellers based on attributes like seller rating and acceptance scores

Order management and Accounting: Track your orders, access historic data about orders and payments

How to sell on farmersMandi?

Become a farmersMandi Seller

Register yourself without personal information and bank details

List Your Produce

What vegetables or fruits you are selling and at what quantity and to what market: everything through your seller app

Sell Even Before You Harvest

See the magic, our buyers will buy the stock even before you harvest: after you put your stock and see the sales, bring your graded stock to our center and check-in

farmersMandi truck

Let Us Do The Rest

We deliver your products on behalf of you

Get Paid On Time

One of the main favorite reason for our sellers is that we pay them on time, we know the importance of timely payment!

Your Mandi on Mobile

A full scale mandi operation on mobile. Via farmersMandi mobile apps, you can upload and sell your produce, the retailer can choose between different grade of vegetables and order desired quantity and we will ensure the items are delivered on time.


Activated Sellers 


Retailers Served 

5 lakh+

Boxes Delivered

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