Are you struggling to get better price for your produce?

Get upto 20% better price by selling your fruits and vegetables to 1000’s of buyers with no uncertainty of payments.

Payment Assured

Why sell on farmersMandi?

On-Time Payments

Get payments as soon as the sales and delivery happens

Sales Predictions

We predict the sales for you well in advance so that you can plan your distribution accordingly

Price predictions

With our market analysis, we will estimate the optimal price to set for your produce to maximize sales and revenue


Unlike any other platform, you take ownership of your product and dictate the price and let the platform take care of the rest

Seller Education

Get to know the best grading techniques that yield the maximum returns for your produce

Advance Reservation

Reserve and list your produce even before you start harvesting and sell in advance

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How to sell on farmersMandi?

Become a farmersMandi Seller

Register yourself without personal information and bank details

List Your Produce

What vegetables or fruits you are selling and at what quantity and to what market: everything through your seller app

Sell Even Before You Harvest

See the magic, our buyers will buy the stock even before you harvest: after you put your stock and see the sales, bring your graded stock to our center and check-in

farmersMandi truck

Let Us Do The Rest

We deliver your products on behalf of you

Get Paid On Time

One of the main favorite reason for our sellers is that we pay them on time, we know the importance of timely payment!

Your Mandi on Mobile

A full scale mandi operation on mobile. Via farmersMandi mobile apps, you can upload and sell your produce, the retailer can choose between different grade of vegetables and order desired quantity and we will ensure the items are delivered on time.


Activated Sellers 


Retailers Served 

5 lakh+

Boxes Delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

FarmersMandi is run by passionate people with a mission to solve the farmer’s problem of selling vegetables to a wide variety of buyers. We are a set of qualified, professional and experienced people.

We take pride in grading, we encourage our sellers to do self-grading and give it to us. We empower our sellers with all support, techniques and help in doing so. If our sellers are unable to grade their produce by themselves, we can do it for them at our grading centers.

FarmersMandi takes care of delivery. For literally 1000’s of retailers buying through us, we ensure the orders are delivered on time.

No, there are no hidden costs, whatever you see is what you get paid. You can download our app absolutely free.

That’s is completely up to you, and you can certainly call to our account mangers and choose the best market that can give you best price

Yes, the buyer will know your name and some info like your rating, previous sales, etc.. This helps build trust with the buyer before he goes ahead and places order.

Simple, contact us at , we will right away start with it

Yes, please forward the seller details to us. We will help the referral to get started.

We help in clearing the extra stock as much as possible. The returns are analysed and the the analysis is shared with the seller.

Once the delivery is completed

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